LNG: Passamaquoddy Tribe, American and Canadian Groups Continue to Oppose LNG in Passamaquoddy Bay

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The following update was received from Save Passamaquoddy Bay Canada, a small incorporated group located in St. Andrews, NB.




June 15, 2015

The threat of an LNG facility in Robinston, Maine is still very much with us. We are working hard
to ensure that both the province and federal government continue to oppose this project. We
are confident we have their support. With an election coming up, we are contacting all of the
federal political parties to be sure that they also oppose LNG in the Bay.
Currently, the FERC (US regulatory) process continues and we await the final filings by
Downeast LNG.

We are attempting to determine the financial viability of the Downeast project once it has
completed the regulatory process, and we do have some good news in that regard.
We have been in touch with the NB Department of Energy and an energy consultant in Maine.
There is market share for only one export facility in the northeast, and it is hard to imagine that
Downeast will be first. However, delays could hold up any of the proposed projects and give
Downeast an unexpected advantage. So any glitches in Downeast’s progress towards FERC’s
approval would clearly be advantageous to our cause.

But other projects are in play: Canaport (Saint John) is in the process of moving towards an
export facility and there are several proposals for export facilities in Nova Scotia. There are also
competing projects in Maine to supply the Maine market. A huge number of things would have
to come together for Downeast to go ahead and build this facility. Repsol (the partner with Irving
in Canaport) has just announced its acquisition of Talisman Energy, a company with natural gas
wells and infrastructure in the Marcellus shield in the US. Repsol has pipeline capacity and is
seeking permission to import US gas. This will all come down to who can complete the
regulatory process first, line up supply and pipeline capacity and be first to serve the markets.
Another development is that Dean Girdis, the president of Downeast LNG has launched another
project in Nova Scotia, a facility to refuel LNG tankers. Let us hope he focuses his energy there.
Save Passamaquoddy Bay met last week. We will continue to focus our efforts in Canada and
on protecting the bay from inappropriate industrial development. In March of 1977, Tom Moffatt
wrote an excellent article in the Canadian Geographical Journal entitled, Beauty in crisis at
Passamaquoddy Bay. The article focused on the oil refinery proposed back then for Eastport. It
took fourteen years to defeat that project. We have been working on this for at least ten. The
Bay is still beautiful, worth our efforts and priceless to our economy and quality of life. Save
Passamaquoddy Bay in the US and the Passamaquoddy are working very hard to defeat this

Jessie Davies,
Save Passamaquoddy Bay Canada
Save Passamaquoddy Bay / Canada is a New Brunswick corporation PO Box 3909, St. Andrews, NB, Canada E5B 3S7
Tel.: 506.529.8838


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