BIRDS: Golden Eagle and Northern Hawk Owl Reports.

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Report to NatureNB from Stu Tingley Shediac, NB

Tantramar marsh GOLDEN EAGLE – The Sackville GOLDEN EAGLE put on what was surely its’ best and most prolonged showing of the winter today with repeated appearances in the vicinity of Folkins Drive beginning at 11am with several passes up and down the creek which crosses Donald Harper Lane and finishing at 4:25pm when the eagle drifted off high eastward after consuming what appeared to be a muskrat on the banks of the creek along the farm road behind the Prescott Farm (big red barn on Folkins Drive). I’ve placed a 45-second video of the bird in flight taken at 4:20pm this afternoon at YouTube:

Surnia ulula

Surnia ulula (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gilles Belliveau and Ruth Rogers report that the McKee’s Mills exit (Route 11 near Bouctouche) NORTHERN HAWK OWL (Chouette eperviere) was on site late this afternoon.


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