LNG: Ever wondered why folks oppose LNG in Passamaquoddy Bay? Here’s why.

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A large group of residents who live and work around Quoddy Bay and the islands, have opposed proposals for LNG terminals in Passamaquoddy Bay for about a decade now. Only one proposal remains but the threat is still the same.

Are these folks just tree-hugging malcontents? Not really. Check out this presentation and you will see that the unique characteristics of the LNG import business threatened to shut down the “eco-economy” of the Passamaquoddy Bay area … an economy that supports thousands of jobs and has been documented to have an annual net worth approaching a billion dollars. The economic trade-offs alone should preclude establishing such a restrictive industry at Quoddy. Passamaquoddy Bay, as they have been saying over and over again, is just the wrong place!

How LNG Will Negatively Impact Quoddy – The Presentation with Speakers Notes

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