ROCK WONDERS: Brier Island Balancing Rock

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The Flower Pots, The Bishop, Southern Cross, The Pup. The Bay of Fundy has dozens of unique and wonder-full  geological formations. Hope you get to enjoy this peculiar formation at Brier Island. If you geocache, add it to your list!

Balancing Rock, Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada

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The Balancing Rock dates back to the age of the dinosaurs. The North Mountain, which extends down Digby Neck and continues as a ridge along Long Island, is composed of Triassic basalt, a hard, heavy volcanic rock, sometimes found in the form of columns.

The Balancing Rock is accessible by a trail (2.5km return) which travels through the woods on a mostly level path with boardwalks provided for the boggy areas. The trail climbs as you get closer to the coast, but once there it quickly descends down a staircase to the water’s edge.

The platform here provides a beautiful view of St. Marys Bay in front of you and Balancing Rock to your right. The Balancing Rock is a giant Triassic basalt column left standing after the surrounding columns eroded and fell into the sea. This beautiful remnant of the dinosaur age may also someday do the same.

From, Balancing Rock Earthcache, A cache by pharma-geologist

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