EXPLORE: Jervis Bay – Ross Memorial Park, Saint John, NB.

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I’ve driven by this attractive little Saint John, NB park on my way to the airport or McAllister Place mall or to visit friends in the area, but I never stopped in to check it out. Well, last week I stopped there for lunch and I was absolutely delighted with the grooming and care that this park has been given. So, I parked my car in a provided parking spot, checked out some of the monuments, had my lunch on one of the seats overlooking the park, and rounded out my stay with a photographic tour.

Subsequently, my curiosity led me to seek out the history of the HMS Jervis Bay … and a spectacular history it is. If you are interested in adding this Resource File to your reference material, I hope you will find it useful. Oh yes! If you are looking for a great spot to have your lunch or take a break, stop by the Jervis Bay – Ross Memorial Park. You will be glad you did!

Enjoy … Art

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