EXPLORE: The Cherrybrook Zoo in Saint John

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I try to have an annual visit to the Cherry Brook Zoo. So far this year, I haven’t made it, but I have some great pics from past visits for you to enjoy.

Like many people, I have mixed feelings about zoos and captive animals. It certainly isn’t a black and white decision since many zoos participate in important conservation efforts while at the same time providing valuable educational experiences and courses. Cherry Brook Zoo is one location that deserves our support.  At the very least, this is a must visit if you are in Saint John, NB.

Here’s what they have to say about themselves … Cherry Brook Zoo is located in the city of Saint John, New Brunswick. It is home to  many exotic and endangered species including the Siberian Tiger, Snow LeopardGolden Lion Tamarin and Goeldi monkey. Waterfowl Habitat and Boardwalk has a floating gazebo where visitors have a perfect view of four distinct wetland habitats in one beautiful area. Stop and rest or just sit and watch for visitors such as beavers, ducks, and otters.

The Aboriginal Medicine Wheel and Garden is considered a sacred area. The Aboriginal Pathway of Peace is adjacent to the Medicine Wheel and allows visitors to follow the ‘seven steps to peace’.
In the Vanished Kingdom Park Zoo goers step back in time in the as they walk in a natural setting among exact replicas of extinct animals can be viewed .Visit the Extinction Graveyard. See first hand the beauty of the Elephant Bird, a species that stood 10 feet high and weighed 1100 pounds.
While touring the Zoo, visitors can stop by for a snack and a refreshing drink in our Safari Canteen (during open season) and browse the Zoo Gift Shop

It opened in 1978 in a 35-acre woodland that is located in the northern section of the city’s 2200-acre Rockwood Park. Utilizing the unusual natural terrain of Rockwood Park, the animals are surrounded by a natural setting. The Zoo also is home to Tiger Claws Miniature Golf Course and the Vanished Kingdom Park. Cherry Brook Zoo maintains strict Accreditation Standards as outlined by the Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums (CAZA). It has earned international recognition for its work in several Species Survival Programs including those for various endangered primates.

Cherry Brook Zoo is a registered non-profit charitable organization, It is administered by a Board of Trustees, who hold in trust the assets of the Zoo for the citizens. The Zoo operates on the generosity of valued donors.

Main entrance: 901 Foster Thurston Drive, northern section of Rockwood Park
Exit 128 Hwy #1 West; Exit #129 East.

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