EXPLORE: The rejuvenated Loyalist Cemetery in St. Stephen, NB.

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I visited the Loyalist Cemetery on King Street almost a decade ago and discovered to my sadness and amazement that it was overgrown, untended, and was missing many of the original stones. With the exception of a few stones at the entrance facing the street (which were probably kept upright to impress the passing motorists), most stones were broken and scattered throughout the woods. All and all it was a sad testament to my hometown and its people through many generations … our history was treated with disdain and neglect. Shaking my head I recorded this with my camera, left, and, like so many others, did absolutely nothing!

Well I am pleased to report that an old classmate, Donna Hossack returned to St. Stephen and headed up an enthusiastic group that set out to turn this around. I had noticed the changes as I drove by, but never did check out their work until today. Trust me … you all need to visit this remarkable piece of restoration work. The entrance was easy assuming you could find the money … erect some of the best stones, rebuild the gate, add some suitable fencing, plant some flowers and, voila, drivers-by will be impressed for sure. But what do you do with multiple misplaced and broken stones and grounds that were returning to forest? Well folks, as you move beyond the new and beautiful memorial, you will see many well-tended gardens and one in particular .. a circular “garden of memorial stones” mixed with garden plants and displayed in a tasteful and beautiful manner.

What can I say? Sorry for my neglect and special thanks to the restoration committee for their work on behalf of the community and our history.

Thank you! Art MacKay



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References related to this post are available at: http://www.bayoffundy.ca/library/Loyalist Burying Ground References.pdf

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