CONTEST: Win a Round of Applause!!!

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I just posted a great shot of some white-sided dolphins at West Isles. People get confused about this name. They stand on the wharf in St. Andrews and wonder why these Islands are called “West” Isles when they are to the east! Do you know why this is so? Give us the reason or your best guess in the comments and you will win … drum roll … a round of applause and a place in “Art’s Place-Name Hall of Fame”.

This great aerial is by Tim Foulkes.


CONTEST: Win a Round of Applause!!! — 7 Comments

  1. People are contemplating this from the wrong wharf, Art!
    On the wharf at Black’s Harbour, the Isles are indeed to the west.

    • Nooo…. A hint. Back in the way back in the day, everone travelled by ____r in b____s and came into the Bay from the Atlantic O____. Hence all of those islands were to the w—. Yes? No/ LOL.

      • OK, that makes sense. The charts preceded the maps, after all. The Western Isles for me are to the north east. No water required to navigate to the Islands, just a ribbon of pavement! Headin’ Down East! (and that expression does have nautical roots).

        • Ha … you win the round of applause. Here goes …….. How did THAT feel. Congratulations. When next I see you folks I will let it out of the bottle on my desk!!!

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