ENERGY: So why are we rushing to Hell?

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The worship of Mammon

The worship of Mammon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m working on a piece about my life journey in Eden and how it is now my belief that we are on a path to creating a total living Hell. In the process of preparing this, I can across a long post in Facebook which outlines in real terms our recent journey here in Canada and elsewhere. For those living in the Fundy Region, it is not a huge reach of thought to realize that we are on a slippery slop with shale gas, LNG, nuclear, and mining activities.

I found the piece instructive. I hope you do too.



…it well documented that fracking for “natural” gas (methane, ffs) poisons groundwater it also turns out they’re only just discovering how polluting the Halliburton-owned method is to the air as well, completely offsetting any gains from the cleaner burn in the end use because “methane is 25 times more efficient than CO2 trapping heat over 100 year — but it is 100 times more efficient than CO2 trapping heat over two decades.”Modern natural gas extraction, aka “Fracking, it turns out, yields more global warming per unit of energy than coal — at least 20 percent more, and possibly up to twice as much” as a new “study estimates that natural-gas producers…are losing about 4% of their gas to the atmosphere — not including additional losses in the pipeline and distribution system.” now they finally admit it causes earthquakes…”A spate of earthquakes across the middle of the U.S. is “almost certainly” man-made, and may be caused by wastewater from oil or gas drilling injected into the ground. Researchers from the U.S. Geological Survey said that for the three decades until 2000, seismic events in the nation’s midsection averaged 21 a year. They jumped to 50 in 2009, 87 in 2010 and 134 in 2011.” long have Halliburton et al been sitting on this information as they expanded the number of frack sites by the thousands?This is Christy Clark‘s big jobs plan for BC. this is another reason for her recent two week visit to China “so we can help to fuel their growth”. this is another trojan horse they’re slipping in here while we rightly pay attention to that ghastly Enbridgeproject in their unceasing assault on some of the last wild nature left on Earth.A network of pipelines from the Peace River regionin Northeast BC to Kitimat where one giant LNG storage facility and shipping terminal is already approved with another nearing approval and an application for a third terminal expected soon.”Proponents of what could be Canada’s first liquefied natural gas export terminal have won an application to widen the pipeline feeding the proposed Kitimat, British Columbia facility.”“You and I would directly subsidize the massive export of B.C. shale gas, for the purpose of generating colossal profits for Encana, Apache and EOG.” and in this case at least one First Nation is on the wrong side of history: the Haisla, so strong in their stance against Enbridge, are, by a vote of 93% in favour, leasing the site to the (largely foreign) energy giants for over 3 million dollars a year.“My journey to the Peace River Valley offered just a glimpse of the devastation that comes with fracking: huge clear-cuts, massive tailing ponds, toxic gas flaring, and pipeline after pipeline. All over the world, governments are taking real action to address and curtail fracking. Quebec has brought in a moratorium. So have France, and US states like New Jersey. Even Texas legislators are talking about taking action. Shamefully, BC lags far behind, with fracking expanding at an alarming rate.”
— Tria DonaldsonWilderness Committeeread their report:, in the Maritimes…

“The Nova Scotia government is putting a two-year hold on hydraulic fracturing, saying it needs more time to study a controversial oil and gas industry practice that has raised concerns about contamination of drinking water.”

Finally while natural gas pipelines are less susceptible to dangerous accidents, when they do happen and conditions are just so they are especially catastrophic

and the devastation caused by a successful terrorist attack on an LNG tanker would leave any survivors comparing the event to a nuclear explosion

Watch the 2010 documentary Gasland online – and get ready for the next battle.

pictured: Jonah Field, Green River Basin, Wyoming

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