ENERGY: Mainers Worry about Big Oil and Old Pipes.

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Photo from Facebook post.  This is what a burst pipeline looks like. Enbridge‘s in Michigan. This hole spilled 4 million litres of oil into the Kalamzoo river. Mainers are concerned that this might happen in Maine as Enbridge moves to bring tar sands oil in through an old pipe that borders Sebago Lake. Here’s the information received by email yesterday:

A 1950s oil pipeline passes next to Sebago Lake, and a proposed project would use that old pipeline to bring tar sands oil from Canada to Portland. Higher temperatures and pressures are needed to move tar sands oil—a thick mixture of clay, crude oil and sand—through a pipeline, greatly increasing the risk of the pipeline leaking or rupturing.
Canadian oil giant Enbridge has applied for fast-track approval of “Phase 1” of the project to bring tar sands oil from eastern Canada to Portland. Enbridge has a long history of spills—hundreds in the last decade, including one in Michigan’s Kalamazoo Riverin 2010 that released more than 840,000 gallons of sludge, causing health problems and widespread damage to the ecosystem. Crews are still struggling to clean up the spill.A conventional oil spill alone is an ecological disaster, but a tar sands oil spill is more corrosive, toxic, and much harder to clean up. Sebago Lake is the source of drinking water for 15 percent of Maine and where so many of us go to fish, swim, and boat with family and friends. If a ruptured pipeline were to send tar sands oil into Sebago Lake, the effects could be devastating.

Sign our petition today to protect Sebago Lake.Thank you for your help, Emily Figdor , Environment Maine Director

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