BUSINESS: Princess of Acadia Ferry Status.

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The MV Princess of Acadia leaving the Saint Jo...

The MV Princess of Acadia leaving the Saint John Harbour on it's way to Digby, NS. Image taken Fall 2008 from the Red Head area of Saint John, NB. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Will the vital ferry link between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick be maintained? That’s the perennial question around the Bay of Fundy. Here’s the latest news.

N.S. and N.B. to invest in Bay of Fundy ferry

21/03/2012 1:21:14 PM

CTV Atlantic
The governments of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia have announced they will be investing money to keep the ferry service that connects Digby and Saint John afloat.

Premiers David Alward and Darrell Dexter said today that each province will commit up to $1 million each year in Bay Ferries to operate and maintain the route for three more years.

The federal government will provide the remainder of the funding required by Bay Ferries to continue service until 2014.

The premiers say businesses on both sides of the Bay of Fundy will benefit from the investment, particularly the $200 million fishing industry in southwest Nova Scotia, which relies heavily on the service.

They say commercial truckers who use the ferry save up to 700 kilometres of driving in each direction which means they deliver a fresher catch and save money because their trucks can return faster.

“The Digby-Saint John ferry service is important to the fishing, agriculture and tourism industries,” said Dexter. “Investing in the businesses and good jobs associated with these industries is what jobsHere, the plan to grow our economy, is all about. Both provinces will work with the federal government to find a viable long-term solution beyond 2014.”

“Our investment in this vital link strengthens New Brunswick’s economic advantage as a leading transportation and logistics hub,” said Alward. “This partnership also provides certainty to help workers and businesses grow our communities through new and better jobs.”

The Digby-Saint John ferry service has received $4 million in funding from Nova Scotia since 2006. The funding is scheduled to end March 31, 2014.

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