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A Quoddy Anthology was written in response to the proposed LNG developments in Passamaquoddy Bay. Now that those threats have passed for the moment, A Quoddy Anthology will be rewritten in a more general context, but continuing to express the importance of the area and the need for ongoing protection.

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By Art MacKay, View this Author’s Spotlight

Paperback, 52 pages


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A Quoddy Anthology



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Quoddy is considered to be the “ecological engine” that drives the Bay of Fundy and northern Gulf of Maine ecosystems and, ultimately, our valuable and important fisheries, aquaculture, tourism and other coastal industries. This book covers a complete range of topics: the tidal forces that shape the Bay, the nutrient cycles that produce an astounding kaleidoscope of life, the Great Migration that has taken place over 10,000 years and continues today, the wars and skirmishes that live on hundred of years later, the special resource-based industries that bring in nearly a billion dollars each year, industrial development that threaten the very foundation of the Quoddy “Eco-economy”, and the steps that must be taken to protect this special place.


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