Make sure Quoddy continues to bloom – Help ban Terminator technology or gene seed sterilization

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If you want to make sure that Charlotte County Blooms in the future as it is today at NBCC in St. Andrews, then read on. While it has been my intention to keep ILQW out of the politics and activism, this is just too important to ignore.

Like me, you may have only been half awake recently, and will be startled that any government would consider advocating gene seed sterilization, a clear and direct threat to future generations brought on by those who wish to patent and control actual life for their very own profit! Does that sound familiar? Does that sound like another way to foster global collapse?

Well here in Canada someone is trying to do something about it. We urge you to go to: where you can complete and send out an instant email to Prime Minister Harper.

If you need more detail, I have included the entire letter below. Please, if you believe in the beauty and diversity of Quoddy and the world, then send your email today. Tell you friends to join this important movement.


Dear Prime Minister Harper,

I am writing to express my deep concerns about Terminator technology (Genetic Use Restriction Technology or GURTS) and urge you to legislate a ban on this dangerous technology.

NDP MP Alex Atamanenko has re-introduced the Private Members Bill – Bill C-353 – to ban the release, sale, importation and use of variety-related genetic use restriction technologies (GURTs) in seed. I ask you to support this Bill.

Terminator technology – gene seed sterilization technology – has been condemned across the world because of its serious potential impacts for farmers, Indigenous peoples, food security and biodiversity. The technology offers no agronomic benefits. Instead, Terminator is designed to maximize industry profits by preventing farmers from saving and re-using harvested seed. The technology threatens the livelihoods of Canadian farmers and the over 1.4 billion people who depend on farm-saved seeds as their primary seed source.

Seed and biotechnology corporations are promoting the false argument that Terminator could be used to stop unwanted genetic pollution from the industry’s genetically modified crops. However, Terminator technology is too complex and unreliable to prevent the movement of genes. If commercialized under the guise of a “biosafety” tool to prevent gene flow, Terminator genes could actually introduce new biosafety hazards since they can spread to neighbouring crops and wild relatives via pollen in the first generation. The spreading of sterile genes could result in catastrophe for farmers and agricultural biodiversity. Farmers who save and re-plant seeds contaminated by Terminator genes may find that these seeds do not germinate, potentially translating into significant yield losses.

As of 2006, there is a strengthened international moratorium at the UN on field-testing and commercial use of Terminator due to the seriousness of these concerns.

I urge the Conservative Government to respond to the concerns of Canadians and the international community by legislating a ban on Terminator. Please take this step to protect the rights of farmers to save seeds.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Cc: Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, The Honourable Gerry Ritz; Michael Ignatieff, Leader of the Official Opposition.

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