Concerns About Rockweed Harvest In Cobscook

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Rockweed HarvestingAscophyllum nodosum is a vital keystone species that provides a home for all kinds of marine species and it is a major contributor to the primary productivity of the area as well. Some folks are concerned about the harvest while others feel that a “sustainable” harvest is possible. Opponents are concerned about the opening up of Cobscook Bay. Cobscook and the Head Harbour Passage area form an important “ecological engine” that feeds the Bay area and the northern part of the Gulf of Maine. If you are concerned you can sign a petition here.


Concerns About Rockweed Harvest In Cobscook — 2 Comments

  1. From: Quoddy Regional Land Trust
    Sent: Friday, February 27, 2009 3:36 PM
    Subject: Support the Rockweed Moratorium on Cobscook Bay

    Senator Kevin Raye has introduced a bill (LD 345) to regulate the rockweed harvest in Cobscook Bay. Now we need to show our support for a strong bill that includes a moratorium to allow time to develop meaningful regulations.

    Please sign the citizen’s petition for a moratorium on rockweed harvesting. Here’s how:

    1) Sign a paper petition at one of the following locations:
    LUBEC: McFadden’s; Quick Shop
    WHITING: Quoddy Regional Land Trust office
    PEMBROKE: Pembroke library
    PERRY: Perry Farmer’s Union
    EASTPORT: Peavey Memorial Library (on the bulletin board inside the front door).

    2) Or you can sign an electronic petition, located here:

    Please also contact Senator Raye (and cc the Rockweed Coalition at and voice your support for a moratorium in Cobscook Bay! If you have time, contact the cosponsors too.

    Senator Kevin Raye (Sponsor)
    Home Email
    Home Phone: (207) 853-9406
    Home Address: 63 Sunset Cove Lane, Perry ME 04667
    Rep. David C. Burns (Cosponsor)
    Home Email:
    State House Email:
    Home Phone: (207) 733-8856
    Home Address: 159 Dodge Road, Whiting ME 04691
    Rep. Howard E. McFadden (Cosponsor)
    Home Email:
    State House Email:
    Home Phone: (207) 726-4676
    Home Address: 19 Shipyard Road, Dennysville ME 04628
    Rep. Anne C. Perry (Cosponsor)
    Home Email:
    State House Email:
    Home Phone: (207) 454-7338
    Home Address: 474 South Street, Calais ME 04619
    Rep. Donald G. Soctomah (Cosponsor)
    Home Email:
    Home Phone: (207) 214-4051
    Home Address: PO Box 159, Indian Township ME 04668
    Rep. Dianne Tilton (Cosponsor)
    Home Email:
    State House Email:
    Home Telephone: (207) 483-6050
    Home Address: 1247 US Highway 1A, Harrington ME 04643

    BACKGROUND: In response to the concerns of many fishermen, shorefront landowners, conservation organizations, municipal and county officials, and other citizens, Senator Raye has introduced LD 345, An Act To Regulate the Rockweed Harvest in Cobscook Bay. The bill is cosponsored by all of our area’s state representatives: Burns of Whiting, McFadden of Dennysville, Perry of Calais, Soctomah of the Passamaquoddy Tribe, and Tilton of Harrington. As of now, the bill has no text. We want a moratorium to be included.

    The following organizations have passed resolutions supporting either a moratorium or more strict regulation:
    1. Passamaquoddy Tribe
    2. Town of Lubec
    3. City of Eastport
    4. Town of Pembroke
    5. Washington County Commissioners
    6. Cobscook Bay Fishermen’s Association
    7. Quoddy Regional Land Trust

    This site also has information on rockweed, its importance for Cobscook Bay, and the impacts of poorly regulated harvesting.

    To see dramatic photos of damage to rockweed beds in Cobscook Bay in the summer of 2008, go to:

    Thank you! To see the Quoddy Regional Land Trust’s position on rockweed harvesting, visit our website at

    Alan Brooks
    Executive Director
    Quoddy Regional Land Trust
    PO Box 49, Whiting ME 04691

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