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The following observations of “at least 6 large whales” off the Wolves on Febraury 18th is, I think, very unique. Add to this the recent concentrations of right whales a short distance from here and we have a mystery for sure. Is this a shift in winter feed? A measure of global warming and post glacial range shifts? Are the whales responding to abundant food or a lack of food somewhere?

Anyone got ideas about this?

February 18th, 2009. NBNature Trust Listserv post The highlights of the ferry crossings however were not avian but cetacean in nature with many HARBOUR PORPOISE and several large whales observed blowing, laying on the surface, and even breaching north and east of the Wolves. We saw at least 6 large whales, one of which was definitely a HUMP-BACKED, two were definitely FIN-BACKED and the others unidentified. With relatively little snow on Grand Manan, ice-free shorelines to walk on, great birding and whale-watching and a beautiful mild, calm day it was a wonderful, albeit brief, winter escape for us snow and ice-bound residents of the southeast! What wonderful extremes our province has to offer! Happy End of Winter, Stu Tingley Shediac Cape, NB

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