Climate Change and the Whales – Big changes coming.


tn_waterspout (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over the last couple of years whales have been showing up in places where they haven’t been seen for a long, long time and strange sightings are becoming more and more common. Are these just adventuresome individuals? Strays that have gotten lost? Or, perhaps, individuals desperately trying to find suitable feeding grounds.

Whatever is happening, you can be sure that climate change is affecting distribution as ocean creatures move northward with the warming trends. Indeed we should expect dynamic changes in the forage species on which our whale friends depend.

Perhaps we should become more active in the climate change debate? I found this Newsletter from PEER to be particularly compelling.


Dear Art:

This past Friday the 13th was not just unlucky, it was cataclysmic:

  • Severe tornado warnings were issued for a huge middle swath of the country spanning from Minnesota to Texas. This is only the second time that a “high risk” has been issued two days in advance. The only other time this happened was in April 2006, when 91 tornadoes touched down.  This time as many as 120 tornados have been sighted with five confirmed deaths;

Think something is going on?

A growing number of scientists, and even insurance companies, are linking the recent rise in extreme weather to human-induced climate change.

Meanwhile, President Obama throws an occasional rhetorical bone to climate change while pursuing his neo-Republican “all of the above” energy non-strategy designed to make us more dependent on greenhouse gas-intensive fossil fuels.  And Mitt Romney, the presumptive GOP nominee, has renounced his previous support for controlling greenhouse gas emissions as the rightward tilt of his party has forced him to become a climate agnostic.

Until the American public realizes that the weather is a subject for action and not just talk, the gridlock on climate protection will persist.  Politicians need to be held accountable for failing to protect their constituents from the natural and foreseeable consequences of continued climate inaction.

At PEER our role is protecting climate-related scientists from fossil-fueled attacks so that they can better inform all of us.  Please support our Climate Science Legal Defense Fund.

Jeff Ruch
Executive Director

P.S. PEER is also supporting a precedent-setting lawsuit to tighten the protocols implementing California’s groundbreaking climate law, AB32, by disallowing many activities that are already occurring to count as greenhouse gas offsets.

P.P.S. One measure of official cluelessness on climate issues is the ongoing “Polar-bear Gate” probe which has now entered its third year.  To get a sense of the Kafka-esque quality of this inane inquiry read the latest transcript of the Interior Inspector interview of a prominent scientist (2nd link at bottom).

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