Friar’s Bay Birds In January, 2009

Most of the gulls and ducks and etc, including the three or four eagles
are hanging out in Friar’s Bay. The eagles get a duck or a gull now and
then and keep the flocks in motion when they are flying near.

The birds are jabbing at the water now and then. Krill, mayfbe? When I
was a child the krill would build up on this beach in pink drifts a foot
deep around the edges and the birds would be heavy and glutted with
them. It is very different now, they look hungry, small and light..

It makes me ill that this bay is designated for a holding spot for LNG
tankers and their tugs.” Only for emergency purposes”, say the (US) coast
guard, they say fog and wind are emergencies.

How long will the birds have the enjoy this safe winter spot? I
wonder, Joyce.

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