LNG: Is anyone listening? – The Head Harbour Passage – Cobscook Bay Area is the single most important site along the North Atlantic Coast.

Right whale (1980) Massachusetts Secretary of ...

Right whale (1980) Massachusetts Secretary of State:(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been repeated over and over for decades now as developers continue their attempts to establish heavy, polluting coastal fossil fuel industries in the Passamaquoddy – Cobscook Bay area and the unique entrance through Head Harbour Passage. For the benefit of the decision makers who are still allowing Downeat LNG to proceed with their proposed development application for Robbinston, Maine across from the resort town of St. Andrews-by-the-sea, here is a video that graphically shows how important this area is to marine mammals. This video maps actual whale reports for 10 common and not-so-common species and clearly demonstrates the importance of these areas to these species including the endangerd North Atlantic right whale.

Created by Art MacKay with data provided by residents and researchers from the area.

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