SATIRE: Magnetic Hill demagnetized, tourism to suffer

It’s the “polar shift” … it has to be. What’s happened is the magnetic lines of the magnetic field have shifted somewhere else. In fact, there are rumours of metal objects clinging to the walls of homes in Atholville and also at Murray River. They need to get folks out there right away to find this important resource. Granted Moncton may lose some revenue but these other places could use a boost. So all is not lost. Get moving guys! Spring is coming fast!

That’s how I see it tonight. – Art MacKay


Moncton — Magnetic Hill has been “baffling visitors for over 80 years,” but none were more baffled than tourists Simon and Joan Springman, who discovered the famed attraction had in fact become demagnetized.

The couple visited Moncton last week to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary, but their visit quickly came to a halt. “We paid our  5 dollars, we drove to the spot and we waited,” remarked Mr. Springman. “But when we got there, the car just stood still. I feel so cheated.”
“We could hear screaming from other tourists,” Mrs. Springman remembered. “People were hysterical.”

The hill has since been shut down and it has Tourism New Brunswick very concerned. “This is truly bad news for Moncton, and all of New Brunswick, really,” said Tourism New Brunswick spokesperson Janica Hughes. “It’s a huge loss.”

Hughes said specialists are working around the clock to try and magnetize the hill once again. Workers were seen hauling large spools of insulating wire and batteries to the site, and a truck loaded with 10 tonnes of paperclips is expected to arrive this afternoon.

In the meantime, the Springmans are still upset and searching for answers. “We came here because we are big fans of Raffi and his album Bananaphone … he sings about Magnetic Hill in one of his songs. Now whenever I hear that song, I just cry. Who is responsible for this?”

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