ATLANTIC HERRING: Are mass mortalities an extention of VHS in Labrador and Newfoundland?

THE STORY: Thousands of Atlantic Herring have been dying along the Fundy shores of Nova Scotia. The characteristics of the mortalities and the widely dispersed areas, suggesting the possibility of of disease. This is currently being investigated by DFO.  However, a recent notice from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency suggest an outbreak of Viral hemorrhagic septicemia (VHS) may have moved south. The full announcement follows:   BACKGROUND: As more Nova Scotia beaches are flooded with dead herring, cause remains mystery ‘What … Continue reading

SEABIRDS: 40 Good reasons to protect the Bay of Fundy

A collection of seabird images from contributors and public domain sources. Identify the birds here and in the field with this classic. Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Eastern and Central North America, 6th Edition (Peterson Field Guides) … Continue reading

ROCK ART: Highway Inukshuk

There’s something comforting about the inukshuk (or inuksuk if you prefer) that can be seen along all of our highways. Slideshow. Wait or click to advance Have you got a favorite or some other story in stone like a carving on a mountain, names etched in rock, a strange geological formation, or striking graffiti even (our modern version of pictographs) or even wall art in your town? If so send a photo or two as attachments to an email addressed to fundytides … Continue reading

COMMUNITY: Looking Back – The Death of a Downtown.

An old recipe book stirs memories from the past and creates disturbing comparisons to today. by Art MacKay Like many folks in Canada and the United States, I grew up in a small town. Mine was located on the Maine-New Brunswick border. Actually there were 4 small towns all clustered around the “International Bridge” … St. Stephen and Milltown, NB in Canada and Calais and Milltown, Maine in the USA. Each of these towns had their “downtown” … a “main” … Continue reading

IMAGES: Some old images from Grand Manan Island

Grand Manan is rugged and beautiful and has attracted artists and photographers for many, many years. This is a small collection of old images taken primarily from postcards. … Continue reading

RECIPES: Chances are you have been cooking lobster the wrong way!!!

Here’s what the experts have to say: M. G. FISHERIES LTD., Grand Manan, NB, Canada How to Cook a Lobster Use salt water if possible, if not add lots of salt to your water. You want to steam the lobster not boil it. Boiling will cause the meat to become tough. Put about 2″ of water in pot. Take the bands off the lobster and place in steaming water. Let steam for 20-25 minutes or until the top feeler pulls … Continue reading

ISSUES: Bay of Fundy is more than some strange rocks and lots of mud

Well, the Bay of Fundy didn’t win one of the seven coveted spots in the Seven Natural Wonders of the World contest, but it was one of the final 28 magnificent places around the world AND the only one from Canada. Perhaps the problem was that we didn’t really push some of the more spectacular assets of the Bay but, instead, led the world to believe that this place with the highest tides on the globe, was really composed of … Continue reading

FOOD: Remembering Fried Dough – An Original Fundy Wonder

THE STORY: You can make it fancy or the way I really like it … plain old fried dough with wild strawberry jam or just slathered with real butter! It seems like yesterday rather than 60 years ago when I, my brothers, and every friend who was downwind would hang out and wait patiently for the fried dough that my Grand Manan born and bred mom would conjure up to delight her 4 male offspring. Simple, effective, and oh so … Continue reading

MYSTERIES: If Champlain’s Anchor was found on Grand Manan, where is it now?

One of our excellent author-historians published a great book many years ago called History of islands & islets in the Bay of Fundy, Charlotte County, New Brunswick, 1876. In it is this intriguing section: Champlain speaks of having anchored at one time near the Southern Head of the island (Grand Manan). and it appears he left the best proof possible that be did so; for, in the year 1842, Mr. Walter B. McLaughlin, whose residence is at Southern Head, found the remain … Continue reading

BIRDS: The Burnt Goose – Fowl or Fish?

THE STORY:  Burnt Goose – Fowl or Fish? Have you seen this guy along our Fundy shores? It’s a small goose that shows up during migration and stays over the winter. It often confuses people because of its smaller size and color. The Brant has had a long, strange and sometimes difficult existence. Branta is a Latinized form of Old Norse brandgás, “burnt” (black) goose and bernicla is the medieval Latin name for the barnacle. Believe it or not, the brant was … Continue reading

PLACES: A Quoddy Anthology–A great Christmas gift! Last chance to buy.

A Quoddy Anthology was written in response to the proposed LNG developments in Passamaquoddy Bay. Now that those threats have passed for the moment, A Quoddy Anthology will be rewritten in a more general context, but continuing to express the importance of the area and the need for ongoing protection. Buy it now and help cover the costs of the rewrite. By Art MacKay, View this Author’s Spotlight Paperback, 52 pages (1 Rating) Preview Price: $34.60 Ships in 3–5 business … Continue reading