Marine Protected Areas: Open House – St. George, Wednesday, October 26 (4-7pm) Magaguadavic Place


In our inbox this morning. Please attend if you are concerned about the future of the Quoddy Region. I wanted to let you know of an open house on MPA network planning that DFO is holding in St. George. It’ll take place on Wednesday, October 26 (4-7pm) at the Magaguadavic Place. During the open house, there will be no formal presentations but there will be information on the MPA network development process, associated timelines and opportunities for providing feedback. The open … Continue reading


I’m trying to find the source of this, and will add it later. In the meantime this gives a summary of tritium releases into the air and water at Point Lepreau from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. … Continue reading

POINT LEPREAU NUCLEAR: If you are living on the coast of Fundy in NB, NS or Maine it’s time to put this in perspective.


These Google map images show your proximity to Point Lepreau. If you are following the disaster in Fukushima, Point Lepreau’s operational ups-and-downs, and the failure of nuclear plants around the globe, you will know that the odds of a major event have never been higher and you truly need to get this in perspective from a personal point of view.  With tidal rise, more intense weather events, the coastal presence of years of nuclear waste and the daily release of radionuclides … Continue reading

ISSUES: History shows we won’t stop Superport Fundy. So can we change history?

Once more, announcements are being made about the new oil pipelines, oil and gas infrastructure in Saint John, and the increased traffic and risks to the Bay of Fundy. Predictably, the environmentalists have begun their efforts to oppose these developments. But, frankly, history shows that there will be little successful opposition to many of the developments planned for “Superport Fundy”. It’s not just the additional capacity being initiated by the Irvings, Fundy has also been saturation by other developments … aquaculture, agriculture and … Continue reading

FORTS and FORTIFICATIONS: St. Andrews Blockhouses


THE STORY From The Beacon, St. Andrews, NB, June 4, 1891 Well on to eighty years (now 200 years!) have passed since the blockhouses were erected in St. Andrews. Three of them were put up, one at Joe’s Point, one at the Western block, and one at the lighthouse wharf, near Indian Point. Their primary purpose was for the protection of the inhabitants of the peninsula against attacks of unfriendly Indians from United States territory, but the Indians never came, … Continue reading

AQUACULTURE: What’s really happening?

Art MacKay

I have been following the articles and posts on aquaculture and, frankly, both sides seem populated by the equivalent of zealots. “It’s bad” … “It’s good”, “Shut it down” … “It’ll save the world”. On and on it goes while our world is facing major population and environmental issues. Perhaps it is now time to find a way to restructure this industry so that it will be a benefit to our coastal communities. Or we can continue to polarize this issue … Continue reading

LEARN: How ocean pollution affects humans [Infographic]


FROM: What you do on land can change the fate of what goes on off shore – and small changes in habits can have a large impact on improving our oceans. 1. Keep your sewer drains clear – Prevent rubbish and chemicals from flowing into the sea. Keeping your property’s drains clear is your responsibility. 2. Dispose of products properly – Household cleaning products, batteries, paint and pesticides can threaten water quality. 3. Reuse and recycle – And opt for no packaging when possible. Carry … Continue reading

EXPLORE: Carleton Martello Tower, Saint John, NB.


ACCESS: The museum and display building are easily accessed from the parking lot. The site is open to the public during posted hours. FEES: There are modest entry fees. Built during the War of 1812 when invasion by the Americans was a real concern, Carleton Martello Tower protected the entrance to Saint John Harbour. Today the Tower is operated as one of Parks Canada’s Historic Sites.It has a delightful museum that has excellent informative displays and the tour of the tower is … Continue reading

MYSTERIES: If Champlain’s Anchor was found on Grand Manan, where is it now?


One of our excellent author-historians published a great book many years ago called History of islands & islets in the Bay of Fundy, Charlotte County, New Brunswick, 1876. In it is this intriguing section: Champlain speaks of having anchored at one time near the Southern Head of the island (Grand Manan). and it appears he left the best proof possible that be did so; for, in the year 1842, Mr. Walter B. McLaughlin, whose residence is at Southern Head, found the remain … Continue reading